The UFT is hiring! Applications received by November 8, 2021 will be prioritized; we will continue reviewing applications until position is filled.  Preferred start date: early December 2021.


Organizational Overview

The role of the United Frontline Table is to organize frontline communities and organizations -in the Grassroots Organizing sector- into a coherent and aligned bloc that can lead broader ‘Green New Deal’-related organizing at the local, state, tribal, and federal levels. Currently, the United Frontline Table consists of 15  grassroots, frontline organizations and their networks and alliances that are rooted in Black, Brown, Asian/Pacific Islander, Indigenous and working class communities that:

  1. share a long-term agenda (via  the Peoples Orientation to a Regenerative Economy) of structural transformative systems change needed to advance an economy-wide Just Transition
  2. are collectively advancing a multi-faceted powerbuilding strategy that centers frontline leadership, vision and needs at every phase, to advance a long-term agenda through 2030+
  3. organize within broader movements around de-colonial, racial, economic and gender-based justice- as well as advance the rights of nature, human rights, environment, and climate justice in order to support and advance the agenda and strategy determined by our frontline communities/leaders

For more information on the Objectives of the UFT and the People’s Orientation to a Regenerative Economy, please see 


The UFT sees an opportunity to advance a People’s Orientation agenda by defending and supporting frontline communities and the environment, through engagement with the Biden Administration’s equity and environmental justice agenda (including its Executive Order 14008).  This is a rapidly evolving policy arena requiring on-going strategy consultation with UFT membership, negotiation with federal agencies and crafting of policy recommendations consistent with both the principles of the UFT and the frontline organizations to which we are accountable.  The UFT seeks a policy consultant with the experience to navigate this exciting ecosystem and help shepherd the UFT’s engagement with federal-level policy.The Federal Policy Consultant  is a contract position of the United Frontline Table, accountable to UFT’s Planning Committee for completion of objectives set by UFT’s Justice40 Subcommittee.


Required qualifications

  • Alignment with A People’s Orientation to a Regenerative Economy, UFT’s guiding vision
  • A minimum of 5+ years policy research, development and/or advocacy experience within NGOs, labor unions, progressive think tanks or other movement-oriented organizations
  • Significant experience applying an environmental justice lens to federal, state and/or local climate, energy, housing, water, transit or other infrastructure investments and policy
  • Familiarity with federal budgeting and rulemaking processes, and administration of programs
  • Demonstrated accountability to community governance, regenerative/ circular/ solidarity economy, cooperative economics, and/or community-led economic development
  • Familiarity with grassroots organizing in the US, in particular the climate/ environmental justice, racial justice and Indigenous sovereignty movements
  • Understanding of the US electoral and social movement organizing landscapes, with an eye to legislative opportunities for expansion of “Justice40” and similar initiatives
  • Excellent organizational skills; ability to prioritize and lead multiple projects with competing levels of urgency; ability to balance short and long-term objectives, details with the big picture
  • Demonstrated commitment to economic / racial justice and systemic change, in line with the Jemez Principles
  • Ability to work independently in close consultation with UFT’s grassroots leadership


Desired qualifications

  • Experience working within one or more of the following constituencies:
    • Progressive, multi-racial networks and coalitions
    • Labor unions or unorganized / unemployed workers
    • Subsidized housing tenants, low-income communities of color
    • Worker owned cooperatives, ESOPs, employee owned businesses
    • Community business development or enterprise financing
    • Commons and collective land ownership structures
    • State / federal legislatures or administrations
  • BIPOC, LGBTQ+, low-wealth and global South immigrant candidates strongly encouraged to apply
  • Sense of humor and commitment to collective praxis


Scope of work

The Federal Policy Contractor will help advance the policy goals and objectives developed by the United Frontline Table over the contract period, especially via engagement with the Biden Administration and Congress in relation to various aspects of the Justice40 Initiative.  This may include:

  • Help manage outreach and coordination across UFT membership to elicit policy priorities
  • Provide research and facilitation for UFT policy proposal development
  • Help develop and implement strategy for UFT’s federal legislative and administrative goals
  • Act as a point of contact for various allies, decision-makers and targets
  • Provide updates and reports to the UFT Planning Committee and general membership
  • Develop explanatory materials to inform UFT decision-making and help mobilize communities


Position details

  • This is a part time consulting position at 20+ hours/week for 6 months to 1 year
  • Compensation range is $75-100/hour, depending on experience
  • The consultant will work remotely at the direction of UFT’s policy subcommittee (made up of lead staff from several UFT member groups), and be accountable ultimately to UFT’s Planning Committee and general membership


Timeline:  Applications received by November 8th will be prioritized; we will continue reviewing applications until position is filled.  Preferred start date: early December 2021.

To Apply:  Email cover letter, resume/CV, and 2-3 references to Nico Udu-Gama at